[sword-devel] proposed patch: adding n=X marker content to footnotes and xrefs

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Feb 8 19:31:26 MST 2012

Attached is an updated patch to do this as suggested by Greg.  It makes
RenderText() take another default-value argument.  No change to old
behavior, unless you explicitly provide that (4th) parameter as "true".

The patch sets a field in SWModule, which is then pulled into the
filters' user data structure, and that is used to determine whether to
include n=X content after *n/*x.

Other ideas to replace *n/*x with something considered less ugly or more
demonstrative would be good.  For myself, well, it'll do for now; it's
been that way for a decade, after all.

Feedback welcome.

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