[sword-devel] Forum database connection

scribe777@gmail.com scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Oct 30 02:56:19 MST 2011

My apologies Manfred, I upgraded tomcat and didn't realize we had our own jars added to the tomcat/lib folder. I've placed the jaybird (firebird JDBC driver) in the forums' WEB-INF/lib folder so this won't happen next time. Should be working again.

Anyone who see anymore "couldn't connect to database", or similar errors, please let me know.

Manfred Bergmann <manfred.bergmann at me.com> wrote:

>The form can't make a database connection:
>2011-10-29 03:50:37,902 ERROR [main] db.DBConnectionManager
>(DBConnectionManager.java:424)     - Cannot create a new connection in
>DBConnectionPool. URL =
>java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for
>Has something been changed in the forum config or the driver removed?
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