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Mike Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 13 16:27:38 MST 2011

The other day I had an idea to provide a "Bible Gateway" module which contains URL links to the current verse for each copyrighted version available on Bible Gateway.  While this doesn't exactly solve copyrighted texts displaying within the sword platform, it reduces the time required to do comparisons against the most popular English texts. (That is, if it works.)  If the links can be made to open in a regular browser, I'm fairly confident this is fair use. (It should be fair use even in a front end, but Bible Gateway is ensured their ad revenue in a browser, where a sword frontend may or may not handle all the bits required for ads properly.) 

Is there sword markup language that supports Links out? Is there a front end that handles http URL's? Which ML is the preferred for WWW links (in commentaries)? 

I put together a test module with plain html, which I built with IMP2VS (win32).  When I open the module as a text, the links display inside of BibleTime 2.9b1 correctly, but clicking them causes the URL to take over the entire current pane within BT, instead of sending the URL to the system defined browser (what I expected to happen.)  BT renders html well, but the link took over all 3 collumns of a parallel display, forcing a verse change to repair the display. 

When this module is viewed as a commentary (which is really more the intended use), the text of the link "<a href=...." appears for  each entry. 

Is this methodology on the roadmap? Is it shunned as bad technology? Is this module (or it's grandchild) something that belongs in the development repo? (Currently the module is for NIV only...  when I tried to multiply it by the dozen or so English texts, it overloaded my system.) 
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