[sword-devel] EMTV + AB = LOGOS

Mike Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Mon May 30 13:41:56 MST 2011

I've combined AB + EMTV modules on my own several times, but neglect to keep it up after an upgrade until it annoys me so see an empty collumn after a testament change.  Each time I do OT+NT combination, I think about suggesting it, but this time the annoy factor was high enough (had to change user accounts to be able to move files around in my local sword module repo.)

Paul Esposito released the English Majority NT and Apostle's Bible OT separately (as he worked on them, I'm supposing.)  Then he released the completed combined work as the LOGOS Bible.

Can we combine these Testament only modules into a complete module? 

Paul's website used to discuss the combination, but his site is now down.  The only evidence I find now is on his LULU webstore:


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