[sword-devel] 1828 Webster's module? (was KJVD (King James Dictionary) Module)

Wade Balzer wbalzer at newjerusalem.org
Fri May 27 08:04:26 MST 2011


I have the 1828 Webster's dictionary in an electronic format unmodified from
my source.   I believe it is the same source that is found everywhere in use
in public domain.   If someone wants to convert it to a Sword Module, I can
export it into a format that you can use for conversion.


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This text is not ready for import.  The PDFs and DjVu files are scans, not
ascii data.  The text files aren't yet proofed, as witnessed by the text on
the title page:



On 05/27/2011 12:42 AM, Nic Carter wrote:
> Hi guys, I received this email from a guy who's interested in the 1828 
> version of the Webster's dictionary & I was wondering if anyone was 
> interested in doing something with this information?  Given it's taken 
> me 3 weeks simply to get back to him, I kinda don't have any time 
> right now to help him out...  :(
> His latest email had:
>> Dear Nic,
>> I found a website that has the 1828 dictionary for free download in 
>> electronic formats BW, Color, txt, Kindle etc, that you may be able 
>> to use and convert to a module.  Please go to to:
>> http://www.archive.org/details/americandictiona01websrich
>> The site says that it is not in copyright and there are several 
>> electronic formats.  Hope you can use it.  Let me know how it work 
>> out.  Thank you
> So, it may be possible to take the data from there to do something?
> Thanks, ybic
> nic...  :)
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>> *Date: *5 May 2011 8:08:23 PM AEST
>> *To: *Nic Carter <niccarter at mac.com <mailto:niccarter at mac.com>>
>> *Subject: **Re: [sword-support] KJVD (King James Dictionary) Module*
>> Dear Nic,
>> Thanks for your reply back.  I completely understand about the 
>> copyright issue you are having with the KJVD module.  I hope it gets 
>> resolved soon in your favor.  Please let me know the outcome about 
>> the module-if you remember.
>> About Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary, there are websites for the 
>> dictionary at: http://1828.mshaffer.com/ 
>> http://www.1828-dictionary.com/ 
>> http://av1611.com/kjbp/kjv-dictionary/kjv-dictionary-index.html
>> I don't know if they have an electronic versions at these sites.  You 
>> can check with the site.
>> Yes, I have looked at the other Webster dictionary's for Pocketsword 
>> has but they are like regular dictionary's.  The 1828 dictionary is 
>> unique in that it uses Bible verses in the definitions.  For example, 
>> the word *CRISPING PIN *found in Isa. 3:22 in most if not all modern 
>> bible dictionarys, defines this as a woman's purse.  In the 1828 
>> dictionary, it is defined as a curling iron.  Thanks again for your 
>> reply back.
>> xxxx
>> --- On *Wed, 5/4/11, Nic Carter /<niccarter at mac.com
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>>     From: Nic Carter <niccarter at mac.com <mailto:niccarter at mac.com>>
>>     Subject: Re: [sword-support] KJVD (King James Dictionary) Module
>>     Cc: support at crosswire.org <mailto:support at crosswire.org>
>>     Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2011, 6:01 PM
>>     Hi xxxx,
>>     Thanks for your email.  Unfortunately we have had someone claim
>>     copyright over our KJVD module.  I believe that the module has
>>     been pulled until we can establish whether or not it is actually
>>     under copyright, but in order to try to do the right thing, it
>>     won't be available for the time being.  I hope you can understand?
>>     Thanks, ybic
>>     nic...  :)
>>     ps:  regarding the Noah Webster's dictionary, do you know where
>>     it is available online?  I'm assuming that it is in the Public
>>     Domain given it's age, but we would require an electronic source
>>     from which to create a module.  Have you taken a look at the
>>     Webster dictionaries that are currently available for
>>     PocketSword?  There is one under the CrossWire 1 source and there
>>     are an additional 2 available under the CrossWire 2 source.  :)
>>     ----
>>     Nic Carter
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>>     www: http://crosswire.org/pocketsword
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>>     Twitter: http://twitter.com/pocketsword
>>     On 27/04/2011, at 3:52 AM, xxxx wrote:
>>>     Dear Crosswire Support,
>>>     I was wondering what happened to the KJVD (King James
>>>     Dictionary) Module for the iTouch/iPhone.  I currently have it
>>>     on my iTouch but when I tried to download it for my iPhone, it
>>>     is no longer available to download and install.  Is this not
>>>     available anymore.
>>>     Also if it's not available, is there a way to find this module
>>>     on my iTouch and copy it to the iPhone.  I tried to just copy
>>>     the Pocketsword app from iTouch to iPhone but it does not carry
>>>     over any modules I already have on it.
>>>     One more question-- will the "Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary of
>>>     the English Language" be avaiable sometime in the future as a
>>>     module for download?  Thank you.
>>>     xxxx
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