[sword-devel] Jword properties files translation

Mario Bertrand mario.bertrand at gmail.com
Tue May 24 06:10:42 MST 2011


I'm updating some properties translation files in French and I have few
questions regarding them. 

There is also a project to import all those files on a translation web
platform at http://www.amanuens.com . Similar to Launchpad but with
support of Android xml files, Java properties files and more. We are
testing the platform and it's going well.

1. BibleNames.properties

a) What's the difference between *.alt strings * alt.short strings


*.alt : Gn,Ge,Gen
*.short : Gn

b) There are a lot of apocrypha's and unorthodox books strings that
don't even exist as modules yet. I translated most of them, but I was
wondering if it's really useful at this time.

2. iso639.properties

Does it need to be localized?


Mario Bertrand

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