[sword-devel] Contract for sword module

Patrick Sebastian Zimmermann patrick at zakweb.de
Mon May 16 12:23:30 MST 2011

I am new to the sword community, so: Hello everyone.

I wrote to SCM, a german publisher, asking them to provide sword modules for 
their bibles (Elberfelder, Neues Leben and Das Buch). Now I got a positive 
answer back that they have principal interest in creating a module for their 
Elberfelder bible.

They would like help of Crosswire though.

Even though I would be willing to put time into helping them I have not yet 
finished a polished sword module yet and don't know much about the sword 
development community (I do know how to program though).
Currently I am the only contact person for SCM, so I am in a rather strange 
position now.

Is someone with a little more experience willing to help them or support me if 
I'd give it a try?

In addition they asked how a contract would have to look if someone would 
actually help them. I guess that contract would be some kind of NDA. Does 
someone have an example of such a contract?

Be blessed,
Patrick Zimmermann

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