[sword-devel] Catholic Modules

Karl Winterling kwinterling at gmail.com
Sat May 14 09:48:35 MST 2011

If  nobody is working on this, I could spend some time making modules of the Trent Roman Catechism and the Baltimore Catechism (though I see that there's the Catechism of Pius X). I could also write a module with traditional Catholic prayers, a public domain Latin-English Mass order (btw, I don't know much Latin, but maybe someone else who does could double-check it), and some chants in Latin with English translation. One problem is getting ecclesiastical approval for everything (which may entail describing differences between the material and the GIRM or current canon law, IANACL). I could ask the archdiocese of Los Angeles about all this. Are there any Roman Catholic catechists or canon lawyers working with the SWORD project?



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