[sword-devel] Nice example of audio integration with Bible text

admin at bible.salterrae.net admin at bible.salterrae.net
Wed Mar 16 05:33:05 MST 2011

Hi all,

> It would be a real advance for the Gospel, if software could be developed
> to
> integrate audio recordings with Bible text with proper synchronization,
> especially if this could be done on mobile platforms.

An atempt to integrate audio recordings with bible text with
syncronizations is achieved by the SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia
Integration Language : see http://www.daisy.org/ ).

Some examples of Audio Bibles ( in SMIL2.0 format ) are
available at our site http://bible.salterrae.net/kougo/daisy/
( Japanese audio bibles, with audio/text syncronizations) .

> The possibilities for some collaborative venture with CrossWire would have
> considerable potential to increase the effectiveness of our expertise in
> bringing Biblical text to many platforms.

EPUB3 format will contain almost all features of SMIL4.
I think that epub3 would be the standard format for the audio books.

> It's one of those ideas that needs teams of people with the right skills
> and
> the time available, to make something of wider appeal (in terms of oral
> cultures with some basic literacy level) in bringing the Gospel to the new
> generation.
> Yours in Christ's service,
> David Haslam

admin at bible.salterrae.net

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