[sword-devel] Using xml2gbs: segmentation fault

Mark E. Skeels meskeels at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 15:39:43 MST 2011


I am a total newbie to this.

I want to make a SWORD book module for the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.

What I did was to look at the .bdt file of the Westminster Confession of 
Faith and then manually edit the 1689 file to look like the Westminster 

After this I run it through xml2gbs.

Last I create a .conf file (again using the westminster .conf file as a 

Well, a bunch of problems ensued.

    * The first run of xml2gbs always gives  me a "segmentation error."
      message and terminates.
    * This leaves a nearly empty .bdt file.
    * It appears in the Books section of the module tree; I even get a
      part of the first chapter to display, but there are no chapter titles.
    * An examination of the Westminster file yields no text like
      "CHAPTER I", yet chapters appear in the tree.

I realize I am trying to bypass a lot of stuff here by cheating, but can 
anybody give me an idea of what I am doing wrong? It seems I am so close 
but yet no success.


"If your creed and Scripture do not agree,
cut your creed to pieces,
but make it agree with this book."
~Charles Spurgeon~

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