[sword-devel] BibleZ HD Beta - webOS Bible Reader App for the HP TouchPad

Stephan Tetzel stephan.tetzel at online.de
Sat Jul 23 05:24:26 MST 2011

Am 23.07.2011 11:31, schrieb Peter von Kaehne:
> On 21/07/11 08:09, Stephan Tetzel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> BibleZ HD is a port of one of my current webOS Apps
>> (http://zefanjas.de/apps/biblez/) to the new webOS framework (enyo). The
>> SWORD engine is now the new backend for this app. 
> Where is the source? I see on your site nothing re GPL licensing

BibleZ Pro (the current webOS (phone) App) doesn't use the SWORD Engine
and isn't licensed under GPL.

The new port (BibleZ HD) will be licensed under GPL. You can find the
sources here[1]. (Sry that I haven't upload the sources immediately.) If
you look at the sources you'll maybe notice, that I'm (very) new to the
sword and c++ world =)



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