[sword-devel] load v11n from file (was: osis2mod unhappy with New Testament osisIDs)

Konstantin Maslyuk kalemas at mail.ru
Thu Jul 14 03:10:19 MST 2011

As many v11ns exist already and even more can appear i would suggest to
add ability to load v11n from file. Module can contain one binary file
that will be loaded by SWMgr on module initialization, this file will
fully describe v11n and mappings.

Advantages are that you have only v11ns you are using, module is not
influenced by code changes in v11n. No need to make GenBook Bibles, adding
new v11n is not problem, no need to wait new Sword release that supports
v11n for particular module.

>  a new v11n with one v11n's NT and another's OT, with minimal additional  
> memory overhead. We do this already, since, for all the variation in the  
> OT, there are really only two common NT v11ns: with Rev 17:18 & 3John  
> 1:15 vs. without.
>  The v11n used for Czech sounds similar to what is supposed to be  
> employed for French Bibles.

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