[sword-devel] can't do lucene Hebrew searches in KJV

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Jan 20 06:05:33 MST 2011

Someone came into #xiphos this morning to ask a few questions, one of
which was how to search for a Hebrew Strong's reference.  His example is
H5062, "smite."

We can't get any search results from KJV for Hebrew at all.

I'm now experimenting with sword/examples/cmdline/search, having changed
char SEARCH_TYPE=-4;
to get lucene searches, and it's consistently wrong: No lemma:Hxxxx
search ever returns anything, but lemma:Gxxxx always works just fine.

Identical searches work just fine in e.g. beta NASB.

Hm, continuing to experiment before sending this...  lemma:Hxxxx
searches work in RST, but not GerLut or FreLSG.

Now Greg Hellings (also in #xiphos) says even BibleTime can't
successfully do such searches, and BT has its own re-implemented lucene

Can others experiment a bit and tell me if I've been smoking
particularly bad crack?

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