[sword-devel] Is Delitzsch Hebrew NT available?

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Michael bar-David pointed out that he already had obtained rights for
the file.  I suggest that we get a letter or something in writing from
them so that if there are any questions down the road, we can point to
the letter and show that we acted above-board and in good faith.  


That said, I already have a module for a copy of Franz Delitzsch's
Hebrew New Testament that was based on the HTML content at 



Which is mentioned on Franz Delitzsch's Wikipedia page at



I'm not a native Hebrew speaker and was trying to learn Hebrew for Bible
study.  I sent what I had to Michael bar-David and asked if he could
take a look at it as far as comparing my copy to his PDF.  The PDF that
he linked to has some footnotes and crossreferences that copy does not
have so I'll put those in there at some point.  


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Have you made further enquiries to Streams in the Negev to ask about the
possibility for having access to the most "upstream" source text from
which the PDF file was generated? 

We often find that patient and supportive lobbying to publishers -
establishing a trust relationship - seeking to serve them freely - can
be very fruitful. 

This would obviate the need to crack the PDF file for usable content,
and avoids the related risk of introducing errors into the text before
making a SWORD module. 

Sometimes there is an additional benefit, in that our preprocessing
tools can occasionally unearth some minor flaws that even the
translators and/or publishers are unaware of. For example, finding
unmatched pairs of left and right quotation marks (for languages that
use such). Our feedback (when communicated respectfully) thus increases
the trust between CrossWire and the publisher, with the overall result
of future quality improvement for their next printed edition, as well as
the first step towards making their Bible available for all the user
programs we support. 



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