[sword-devel] Front-end localization during installation?

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 14:02:09 MST 2011

> I believe that anything that uses the NSIS installer can do this. I think this is the case for BibleCS and BibleDesktop. The trick is to only use the NSIS provided, stock messages. Note: this only applies to installation on Windows.

I believe that David is talking about setting the *application*
locale, not the NSIS installer locale. Xiphos already offers localized

> BibleDesktop, by default, will use the user's locale in determining the translation of the UI. If there is none, it will use English.
> I would think/hope that the other applications do something similar.

Xiphos does this as well.

To get to what I perceive David as talking about, there are numerous
issues with setting a *user* preference during installation. For
instance, with Xiphos we create the initial user preferences on first
run of the program. It would be complicated and error-prone to attempt
to do this during installation (one obvious question is, should we
just create settings for the user who is running the installation? or
everyone? there are permissions issues with either approach).


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