[sword-devel] setting up source code in an IDE info request.

William first name read_frequently at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 29 19:44:50 MST 2011

hi. i've looked around and read a fair amount about theSwordProject.

>From what I am aware the main source code project is a c++ Project and other bible software such as bibledesktop are java projects which are built ontop of it).
I am interested in the main c++ project at the moment.

Can someone inform me of the best place to download the whole project, and which IDE the source file is suited to import it into (code::blocks or VS or a linux only IDE)?  
secondly can some one suggest a few classes that would be good for a new developer to play with to get a feel of the project.  i'd  like a hands on approach to understanding the software, and realize this is a fairly general question. (perhaps if you are currently playing with some classes, they might be of interest to me too).
my goal is to be able to play around with the source code and build it via the ide and see what I broke :-) or similar.

thank you for your time.
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