[sword-devel] An update on PocketSword's future.

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Dec 28 08:03:48 MST 2011

Hi Nic,

Thanks for sharing this. I do hope and pray that you can come to some
accommodation wrt PocketSword - it is a hugely fantastic piece of
software and is widely used in places the Bible is otherwise very
difficult to come by.

IIRC - it was not originally your project, but another guy started it,
but got bogged down by exams etc. Do you think he could be

On Mon, 2011-12-26 at 13:21 +1100, Nic Carter wrote:
> Hi team,
> Thought I'd share a little about what's coming up with PocketSword in the near future.
> Starting in January I'm going to have a new and (hopefully!) exciting job.  As part of the conditions of employment, any code I write is the property of my employer.  This is a little annoying, but I'm ok with it for now.  Prayer for negotiations in the future to do with this would be great!
> What this means for PocketSword and CrossWire is that I'm going to finish up a smallish update of PocketSword (v1.4.2, which is pretty much completed) and release that before I start.  This includes little bits and pieces I have been working on, but no new major features.  I had previously allocated January to be a month of solid work on new features, but this job came up and it was hard to pass up.  After that, I am allowed to continue maintaining PS and keep it in the App Store, etc, but I'm not meant to be working on new stuff for it.
> How can PocketSword continue on while I'm employed at this place?  Simply, if others contribute code, etc, I can release new versions of PS as required.  If there are new localisations or anything like that, I can update the app.  I'll continue to be on this list, and other support email & forums, and I'll remain active there (well, as active as I am now!).  This isn't the end of my involvement in PS & I'd love to continue being as involved as possible.  :)
> Prayer would be appreciated for all of this!
> Firstly for negotiations with my employer.  There may be some leeway that can be sorted out in the future, and I'd love to pursue that.
> Secondly for others to be taking an interest in helping out with the code in PS.
> Thirdly, personally, for transition to a new job and all that entails.  :)
> Thanks heaps, and I hope you have all had a great Christmas reflecting on why we all have this excuse for fun times with family and friends :)
> ybic
> 	nic...  :)
> ps:  I'm aware that some of you are probably of the opinion that signing a contract that gives your employer ownership of all code you write whether or not it's during work hours and whether or not it's at work is a little (or a LOT) crazy.  It's not as simple as that in this situation, and that's not the full story, and that's kinda why it may be negotiable at a later stage.  But it's a good & fun opportunity for me & I really feel like it's a God-given avenue for me, at least for the near-future.  :)  So I'm willing to put up with that and see where God takes it.  :)
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