[sword-devel] SWORD Engine - critical bugs and pending releases

Paul A. Martel pmartel60 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 13:48:23 MST 2011

As a newcomer to the xulsword project, I've been looking at this code quite
recently with an eye towards sorting out the various platform and library
dependencies. My intent is to do a linux build of xulsword.

If I could get some code pointers to the unicode solutions built into sword,
    implementation module(s)?
    example usage?
I'd be willing to try to develop a patch.

Also, I'm not sure how I'd most easily reproduce this issue for test
purposes on my available machines (Ubuntu and Win Vista) configured for

Is there a bug tracking entry for this where I could learn more?

Is it worthwhile for me to look at the Xiphos solution, or is it so tightly
coupled with the GLib2 dependency that I'd be better off not?

BTW, I am brand new to the sword project -- only been monitoring sword-devel
for a few weeks, just got an account, pmartel60, today, haven't yet read any
orientation materials, so don't yet know anything about the development
procedures, but I'm a quick study.

If interested, please send any pointers that might be useful.

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