[sword-devel] SWORD Engine - critical bugs and pending releases

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 15:15:44 MST 2011

I just wanted to put out another call to see if it is possible to push
for a SWORD 1.6.3 engine release.  My reasons are as follows:

1) Xiphos is in the birth pangs of version 3.1.5.
2) BibleTime is planning to go forward with a new beta early next week.
3) There is still the glaring bug of "Oops, you have a non-ASCII
character in your path, we can't handle that."
4) Troy, aren't you working towards a release of BibleCS?

Xiphos is planning to ship with a patched SWORD library that properly
handles upper ASCII/Unicode characters in path names.  That patch,
though, sits on top of the current head of SVN and not on 1.6.2. This
patch introduces a dependency on GLib2, which is fine for Xiphos
because it already ships with that, but it is unreasonable to expect
BibleTime, and even more BibleCS, to ship with that extra dependency.
BibleTime could make a mirrored patch which leverages Qt and BibleCS
could wrap another patch itself but doesn't that defeat the purpose of
having the library?  With at least two (and maybe all three) planning
a release in the near future, can we make fixing the UTF path problem
a priority and get 1.6.3 shipped in the next 2-3 weeks so that the
next releases of BT and Xiphos can ship with 1.6.3 in Windows as it is
released and not be forced to rely on individual patches built on top
of SVN code?

When I mentioned this in #bibletime last night, Jaak wanted to know if
SVN HEAD and 1.6.2 are binary compatible. I have no idea and told him
as much, but it's a question worth asking here of people who might
know better the answer.


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