[sword-devel] SlideBible now is BibleTime Mini

Konstantin Maslyuk kalemas at mail.ru
Wed Apr 27 02:50:33 MST 2011

Grace be unto you.

I  want  to  inform that the project for mobile devices SlideBible now
based  on  BibleTime  source code and renamed to "BibleTime Mini". The
new  is  appearance  with  graphics  and  indexed search feature. More
information  and a version for download for Windows Mobile and Windows
at   http://sourceforge.net/projects/bibletimemini/,  source  code  is
available in BibleTime repository on Gitorious.

If  possible, i wish this at CrossWire news section and at the list of
frontends  for  mobile devices link and description on SlideBible been

While  project  is based on Qt it becomes possible to port it on other
platforms.  Although  I can not to support other platforms and plan to
engage  in  the development of functional, i can suggest any necessary
assistance if someone decides to do so.


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