[sword-devel] Rendering added words for languages that don't use italics?

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Tue Apr 19 07:35:06 MST 2011

On 04/19/2011 09:27 AM, Greg Hellings wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 3:24 AM, Peter von Kaehne<refdoc at gmx.net>  wrote:
>> Alternatively, the more semantic HTML markup of<em>  might be useful?
> There has been a move away from pushing<em>  and<strong>  in the HTML
> world, since it has been recognized that italics do not always
> semantically mean "emphasis" and bold does not always semantically
> mean "strong".  This situation is a perfect example.
>> However I turn it though I do think this is/should/could be a rendering
>> issue at the very last moment - i.e. at screen output time, probably
>> steered by module or locale supplied CSS sheets. The alternative, if
>> there is a serious issue - and I would only see this if the translators
>> complain - then it might be something addressed by an additional output
>> filter, but this would be hard work as it would require some work in the
>> engine and potentially some more in the frontends.
> Great idea. Only one problem - everyone who has authority and power
> over such on these mailing lists thinks that module supplied CSS
> sheets is an abomination. Even though translators already have
> complained about the lack of the ability to create and use them.
>>> Has there been any previous discussion on this topic?
>> I do not think so.
> There has within the context of module-supplied rendering mechanisms.
> "Not in my house" was the mostly unanimous reply.

In principle, I like the idea of CSS, but I think there are difficulties 
with CSS. It presumes the elements and structure of what is being styled 
and that the display can handle it.

CSS is a container model, but osis2mod unwinds the 
Book/Section/Paragraph structure of a OSIS input into marker elements. 
How would CSS be written to address this? Would it be written for the 
authored OSIS or the transformed OSIS?

SWORD has several renderers, HTML, RTF, plain text,.... How would CSS 
apply in the delivery context of RTF?

For example, JSword transforms ThML, GBF, TEI and Plaintext into OSIS 
(augmented with SWORD's usage of TEI). Even OSIS and TEI undergo minor 
transformations. Then OSIS is converted into HTML. To what would the CSS 

The ability of a frontend to use CSS might be a problem. If I remember 
correctly, Xiphos was unable to use CSS. JSword/BD cannot at this time 
use an external stylesheet. Also JSword uses Java's built in HTML 
renderer and it is severely crippled and the HTML it requires is ancient.

I think that if someone had the initiative to write generalized code 
that would apply CSS to an OSIS module, use it successfully in a 
front-end, and submit it for inclusion into SWORD that it might happen. 
There are a lot of us that are quite willing to discuss an idea, but 
there are very few that will actually implement. Those that do implement 
prioritize what is important to them.

In Him,

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