[sword-devel] BREW Development?

Mike Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 18 06:42:31 MST 2011

I've recently switched cellphone carriers, and as a result of various factors, I'm now using a dumb phone that does not support Java apps, but only BREW.  (Metro is giving away a dumb phone when you buy any phone, and my wife got the nice one.)

While investigating what BREW means, I run into what (at first glance) appears to be recent change in BREW development licensing at Qualcomm to something close to or really open source and free to release in an unencumbered way. However, BREW on my phone is still server side controlled. I've witnessed my phone 'register apps' at least 3 times since I got it on Saturday. So I don't know If I'll need the Carrier's (METROPCS) involvement to release a bible on it or not. 

Since some 40-60% of newer 'dumb' phones support BREW, and about half of those don't support Java, is there any ongoing development to port Go-Bible or create a similar app for it? Is there a known roadblock that prevents releasing a Bible app on BREW?
I'm planning to work toward this end, and would rather be involved in an existing project than duplicating effort. 

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