[sword-devel] module conf maker

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Apr 15 13:46:37 MST 2011

Having spent far too much time on the wiki or in my mods.d directory to check each time again whether it is GlobalOptionsFilter or GlobalOptionFilter, I decided to produce a short script which will read a  given OSIS file and produce a valid, working conf file. This will require still subsequent editing for release in order to update copyrights, about etc, but what is produced is "good enough" and some, I hope.

Check it out at sword-tools/modules/conf/confmaker.pl

It requires installation of two CPAN modules XML::LibXML and I18N::Tags::List. 

If someone could tell me how to check whether a given ISO639 tag represents a rtol script, that would be great.

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