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Mon Mar 1 12:34:03 MST 2010

o To maintain freedom to re-license SWORD (e.g. for some other Bible societ=
y) we need to be able to keep 3-rd party library dependencies well managed.=
 The license needs to be compatible with the GPL but cannot be GPL.<br>

o The parser that we have is minimal and simple, sacrificing accuracy and c=
ompleteness for speed. Regarding accuracy, e.g. the parser allows for space=
s around =3D in attribute declarations. Regarding completeness, e.g. it doe=
s not handle namespaces, cdata, dtds/schemas, .... Significantly, it does n=
ot require a well-formed document, allowing for fragments. Rather than an e=
rror, it continues when an xml parser is required to stop.<br>

o This parser has better error reporting in that it is based upon knowledge=
 of the input. E.g. it reports the verse having the problem.<br>
o By SWORD having the parser, we are not dependent on finding an implementa=
tion for every platform (e.g. Windows).<br>
There may be other reasons. I&#39;m willing to live with it.<br>
But what we really need is not a parser but a tokenizer. I&#39;m thinking a=
bout writing one (my degree work was in compiler writing). Basically, we re=
peat the same tokenization code in several places. It should be trivial to =
write a complete, accurate one.<br>

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