[sword-devel] OSIS filters still cause trouble for H3068 (NASB) and divineName

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Mar 25 13:57:33 MST 2010

I vaguely remember conversations about which way this should be.  I
believe the <seg> tags were added because the OSIS schema doesn't allow
<w> to contain <divineName>, which I think is an oversight.

What it comes down to is this.  We don't want to support both:


in the engine.  We want to normalize all OSIS to our preferred method of
OSIS markup so we can optimize and simplify the runtime code.

(I think switching the filter order would probably switch which one
works and which one doesn't)

Our modules should decide which markup they'll use, and osis2mod should
normalize other OSIS accordingly.

It seems the KJV method works.  I would suggest removing the <seg> and
petitioning the OSIS gatekeepers to add <divineName> as a possibility
under <w>.

In the meantime, I'll redo the NASB to use the same markup as the KJV.

How does this sound?


Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> "Troy A. Griffitts" <scribe at crosswire.org> writes:
>> How is the markup in the KJV modules?  Do you see the bug in the KJV?
> KJV's display is fine.
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