[sword-devel] OSIS filters still cause trouble for H3068 (NASB) and divineName

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Mar 24 14:38:46 MST 2010

We've discussed this now and again, but not since (it appears, from my
archives) July and September of 2007.  This has been a problem for a
very long time.

In the current NASB beta, there are sequences like this (example verse,
Deut 14:26):

     ...the <divineName><w lemma="strong:H3068">Lord</w>
     </divineName><w lemma="strong:H430">your God</w>...

What comes out of the engine when this verse is requested with Strong's
numbers is:

     the L<font size="-1">ORD</font> your God<small><em>&lt;
     <a href="passagestudy.jsp?action=showStrongs&type=Hebrew&value=430">

That's as determined by breakpointing Xiphos as it takes text returned
from module.RenderText() and is about to do block-rendering on it.  The
needed Strong's reference for "LORD" is missing.  It's a <divineName>-
related thing, but I don't recall the details for why it's a problem.

Visually, after block-rendering, it comes out thus...

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...with there just being a hole under "LORD" that shouldn't be a hole.

I hope this glitch can be resolved.

There were also problems with UTF-8 apostrophes (U+2019) inside
<divineName>.  Was that ever resolved?

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