[sword-devel] need we bookmarks/history storage standart?

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Mar 24 01:23:54 MST 2010

I think the task should be separated into two:

a format
a way for sharing them

Re format:

Maybe the best would be a format which would allow graceful fail for
everyone who does not want to implement all features.

A brainstorm re features required/requested
A XML(?) format which would allow some to simply ignore certain tags.
A possibility to extend the feature set for one application (though that
risks divergence

re sharing:

Using a particular service is nice, but not maybe not the most conducive
to long term sustainability. So, flexibility might be the best here. At
the lowest end, the file should work if copied into the right place.

I will open a Wiki page on the matter.


Nic Carter wrote:
> Hmmmm, I have been meaning to bring this up on the list.  I have had quite a few requests for the ability to sync bookmarks between SWORD front-ends and PocketSword (on the iPhone). I haven't had time to think much about it, but what I have thought of is:
> - We would need a common bookmark format across front-ends that wished to participate in such a feature.
> - It would probably be best to have this all accessible on some 3rd party server, given there is so much already out there.
> - Something like this would require thought WRT the whole "persecuted country" thing (see what we do for the install manager, for example).
> - This could simply be a database somewhere that users connect to over http & basically retrieve a plain text file, like our .conf files, and be built into the SWORD lib, which then parses the file for us and creates "bookmark" objects?  with the ability to add/delete/modify each "bookmark" object?
> anyway, I would love for this to happen.  But it requires a collaboration between front-end developers to make this work.  What attributes does each "bookmark" object need, for example?  What do the various front-ends currently use?  I'm due to be completely rewriting the PocketSword bookmark system in the next couple of months (yay, I hear PocketSword users say, cause it's currently overly simple), so I haven't thought about much, besides allowing a "bookmark" object to simply be a container for other "bookmark" objects (a "folder") & then for "bookmark" objects to be contained in these "folders"...  :)  Personally, I also want PocketSword to be able to highlight verses if they are bookmarked, but the highlight colour wouldn't need to be part of the "bookmark" object -- I can create a look-up table between the "folder" names & a colour assigned to that "folder".  :)
> Perhaps I have said enough to show that I'd like for this to happen?  :)  Perhaps I've said too much and people don't want to be thinking in this much detail about this yet?  Either way, hope that helps  :)
> ybic
> 	nic...  :)
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> On 23/03/2010, at 7:16 AM, jhphx wrote:
>> On 3/23/2010 9:33 AM, Konstantin Maslyuk wrote:
>>> What bookmarking service is preferable for such task?
>>> There is any public data synchronization service?
>>> Or we could create own on crosswire.org?
>> I think an interesting way to do it, that combines another recent idea about bibliographic information, would be to create a Zotero SWORD translator (usually a type of scraper but that may not work in this case) for FireBible. That would provide not just synchronization but also the ability to collaborate and publicly display your collections of "bookmarks" on Zotero.
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