[sword-devel] possibly serious problem with latest curl (fedora13-alpha)

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Mar 15 13:18:31 MST 2010

We have a Xiphos bug report which details Xiphos' failure in the module

The most recent observation is:

| The crash only happens with curl-7.20.0 which is what is in Fedora 13.
| The issue is caused by either a regression in curl from curl-7.19.7 to
| curl-7.20.0, or a problem with the sword library interaction with the
| new changes in curl-7.20.0.

I don't have any spare hardware onto which to install F13a; I tried to
install it in a VBox VM, but a major glitch of this alpha release is
that they have neglected the needed framebuffer driver for VBox, so I
can't install F13a properly in a VM at all.  (That install bug has been
reported and due to be fixed for beta.)

Can anyone shed some light?  Is anyone acquainted with recent curl
updates and details?

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