[sword-devel] Quoting Sword modules in essays

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Mar 13 11:18:47 MST 2010

This is probably a silly question for the developer's list, but given 
that here is likely the largest audience of people who have been in the 
same situaation:

I understand some of you have attended seminary and ussed the software 
in the process of this to write essays etc. I am in the same position 
right now. The lecturers are not too strict on proper bibliography etc 
(at least right now) , but I would prefer to be accurate and proper. So, 
how do you quote e.g. a commentary in an essay - if you have no page 
numbers etc? Sometimes the sections are there, so this is not a problem, 
but on several occasions I found nothing. What have others done in such 

Another related matter: some commentaries do have very decent 
config/about sections which will suffice to give enough bibliographic 
detail (and mention CrossWire) for most essays, but some also do not.

We should probably, if we want our software not just be useful to the 
casual user, ensure that our about sections are as explicit and detailed 
as possible. I think we should consider "unquotable" modules as buggy.


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