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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Wed Mar 3 08:29:47 MST 2010

Shalom Mr. Morford .....

Rabbi Eric Aschendorf has asked me to say a little about production of a 
Sword Project module for your New Testament translation.  Broadly 
speaking, our policy is that volunteers from the project are willing to 
make such a module from your supplied text.  A number of import formats 
are easily useable - our ideal format would be OSIS.  This format is a 
specialised variant of XML and is fully described at: 

It would also be possible to work with plaintext provided that chapter 
and verse markup is consistent and clear.  Provided that your 
versification exactly follows the King James version, we could also 
accept and use 'Verse-per-line' plain text.  PDF is not a format that we 
would normally accept.

Probably best for you to sent a small sample of whatever format(s) you 
have available so we can advise.

Crosswire can host modules on our site, but we are unable to accept 
payment for these modules.  If you require to sell your Sword module, 
our volunteers would be happy to produce a module for your exclusive use 
and distribution from your own site.  We can make modules that are 
strongly encrypted for security so that you can sell the Cipher-key for 
a fee.

I am personally not able to offer to make the module at this time, so 
have copied this e-mail to Chris Little, of the Sword Project who is 
responsible for our modules.  Sorry Chris, but I have to have an op on 
my right hand next week, and figure that my keyboard skills are going to 
be a bit limited for a few weeks.

I hope we are able to work together, as I personally would find your 
footnotes a real asset to my own studies.

God bless,

-- From Barry Drake (The Revd) Health and Healing advisor to the East 
Midlands Synod of the United Reformed Church.  See 
http://www.urc5.org.uk/index for information about the synod, and 
http://www.urc5.org.uk/?q=node/703 for the Synod Healing pages.

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