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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Mon Mar 1 03:18:04 MST 2010

Eric Aschendorf wrote:
> I am using all three email addresses that you supply on your website 
> because as I have attempted to contact you before I get an error 
> message that states that it cannot find your server address. Therefore 
> if I try all of them maybe one will get through? Well maybe?
Hi Eric .....

Just to say I have looked at the link you offered to Tree of Life, and 
personally I would love to see the New Testament as a Sword module.  The 
footnotes from a Jewish point of view are especially exciting for a 
non-Jew like me.  Is it possible for you to arrange release and 
permission for the Sword Project?  We would require the text in a usable 
format - OSIS is preferred, but we could work with others.

The most important thing is getting permission.  If a charge is required, we would happily make a locked Sword module and give it to you free of charge so that you could sell it from your site.  

God bless,

-- From Barry Drake (The Revd) Health and Healing advisor to the East Midlands Synod of the United Reformed Church.  See http://www.urc5.org.uk/index for information about the synod, and http://www.urc5.org.uk/?q=node/703 for the Synod Healing pages.

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