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Steve Gronka stevegronka at me.com
Sat Jul 31 08:20:43 MST 2010

Hello God bless you Sword-development,

	Both DM Smith and Manfred Bergmann suggested that I contact you about  
a project that I have been working on for a few years.  It is a  
concordance of concepts which stresses textual context.  Both DM and  
Manfred observed the synonym element of the project, but it goes  
beyond that to identify that at times a concept is spoken of in terms  
of context and related ideas.

	Following is my original communication to them:

	Hello God bless you DM,
>  Initially I went to the support function on the MacSword Homepage  
> and used the system (Report bugs/Issues) to send the info that I  
> sent to you.  I couldn't send because the a message was presented  
> that said my username is not recognized.
>  I am using MacSword to do a concordance of concepts.  The project  
> started 10 years ago in hard copy and then was put into digital form  
> on a PC.  The PC was stolen three years ago and I subsequently  
> became an Apple Head.  I had a Mac Pro for the last five years, but  
> because you couldn't find a decent Mac Bible program until MacSword  
> I kept everything on the PC laptop (since I am on the road 12 months  
> a year).  Anyway MacSword is great!  I tried to use the PC version  
> on some PC laptops used by people that want to help with the  
> Concordance of Concepts project, but found that the PC version  
> didn't seem to work near as well as the Mac version.
>  If you can forward my suggestions below it would be much appreciated.
>  If you know anyone who would want to be a part of the Concordance  
> of Concepts project please have them contact me!  Just as an example  
> of the purpose, if you search idolatry in a concordance you get a  
> very limited view of what God wants us to know about it because He  
> uses numerous other terms to refer to it such as abomination,  
> adultery, whoredom, and other terms.
>  Looking forward to hearing from you!
> Mercy, grace, peace, and the love of Christ be with you always,
> Steve

Steve Gronka

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stevegronka at me.com

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