[sword-devel] MacSword version corrupted

Steve Gronka stevegronka at me.com
Sat Jul 31 13:08:45 MST 2010

Hello God bless you Sword Development,

	After installing the last update to MacSword, the app degraded and at  
first functions such as adding notes in a workspace wouldn't add to  
the function bar across the top of the reading space; the save  
function is not working where work spaces that were previously saved  
were lost when the space was closed by clicking on the red dot up in  
the left corner of the workspace window; now Mac Sword does not open  
at all saying that MacSword quit on launch.  At present I am  
completely blocked from opening MacSword.

	I sent an earlier E-mail about my MacSword app becoming increasing  
disfunctional over time (about a couple of weeks).  I didn't put the  
version in the E-mail.  It is 2.2.5-1490.  I notice on the  
MacSword.com Web site that you only are showing 2.2.4-1426 as the most  
up to date download.

	Troy Griffitts says that he doesn't know anything about version  
2.2.5-1490.  It appeared on my computer as an update a couple of weeks  
ago.  I did the download and install.  It has since corrupted as  
described above.  I definitely did not make my own version.  If no one  
there knows anything about it be on the lookout for someone trying to  
subvert the system.

Steve Gronka

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