[sword-devel] From Windows PC to iPhone

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Jul 30 11:51:09 MST 2010

Just something which struck me when I reread the below:
> Does this mean that it is not possible to change the      > colour of the text in the file for iPhone or is it a      > matter that you prefer OSIS please?

I hope you do not think that you need to produce a module for iphone another for TSWP and another for any other platform you want to support. That would be a complete waste fo your time and indeed might not work very well. the iphone applicatioon installs modules via our repositories. And while adding a repo is possible it is not the first thing people do.

You _really_ want to get a single decent module which has all features properly marked up and be done with it.

Once you have a decent module - OSIS is what we would indeed prefer - we could host it and it would be automatically available to anyone who installs _any_ of our applications. Of which there are many and more coming.

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