[sword-devel] From Windows PC to iPhone

Johan Marais johan.marais at messianic.co.za
Thu Jul 29 12:09:08 MST 2010

God evening,


I require assistance please.


I have created a bible module for The SWORD Project for Windows from an IMP
/ GBF UTF-8 text file, using imp2vs, e.g.

$$$Gen 1:1
In the beginning ...

My goal is to make this same module available for the iPhone and

The bible module has inter alia the following within the text:

Hebrew letters for the Name of the Father and the Son.
Characters with diacritical markers (e.g. h with a dot below, b with a line
below, etc. - "special characters")
Blue colored text
Super text

The above (except blue text) show 100% correctly in The SWORD Project for
Windows, but superscript and the blue text don’t show in Xiphos.

I have copied this module to iPhone and the Hebrew and the special
characters, bold, italics and superscript show correctly, but the colored
text doesn’t show, just black text.


Similarly in SwordReader, except the Hebrew and special characters just show
blocks, probably just a font issue. The same with SlideBible (it is a pity
the font cannot be changed though).

My first priority is to get this module to work in the iPhone though.


I am using <FS> for superscript, <FB> for bold and <FI> for italics, but I
can’t find a way to change the color of the text. I have tried <font
color="blue"> and <span style="color:blue;">,but neither shows the text in
blue. Using these tags to change the color in the .config file work
correctly though.


Using <b> and <i> don’t work for bold and italics.

Question: How do I change the color of the text for the iPhone please?

I have downloaded all the utilities and have read the posts, but I am at a

All and any help is appreciated - but please note that I am not a
programmer, bt can easily enough add / change tags.


Nic Carter referred me to this list.

In His Name,


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