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Thought this might be interesting.  Collate is a software package used
by professional text critics written by Peter Robinson a number of years
ago.  It is a very fascinating tools for helping to organize variants
across a set of manuscript.

With the guidance of Peter Robinson, work has been done by a team of
international engineers to rewrite and update the features of Collate,
thus the CollateX project below.

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Subject: 	[CollateX] new release announcement (v0.9)
Date: 	Thu, 8 Jul 2010 15:56:07 +0200
From: 	Ronald Dekker <ronald.dekker at huygensinstituut.knaw.nl>


Dear Interedition partners, CollateX developers and interested parties,

The Interedition team has released a new version (v0.9) of CollateX.
This release is the result of the work done during the last bootcamp in April in Firenze, Italy and is the first 
official release of CollateX.

Major features of this release are:

- baseless multiple witness alignment.
- it does parallel segmentation and can handle (small) transpositions.
- it can export the alignment table as a critical apparatus in TEI format.

- it can be embedded in a Java application (as a standalone jar file and using Maven).
- it can be embedded in a Python application by using the Python bindings.
- it can be run as a REST webservice using the Tomcat or Jetty webserver.

We now have:
- a website: http://collatex.sourceforge.net/
- a demo webservice: http://gregor.middell.net/collatex/api/collate (thanks to Gregor for hosting it)
- a maven repository: http://collatex.sourceforge.net/maven-repository/
- a binary: https://launchpad.net/collatex/+download
- Java API documentation: http://collatex.sourceforge.net/apidocs/index.html

See the collatex.sourceforge.net website for instructions on how to use the maven repository.
Go to the demo webservice with a browser for instructions on how to use it and some examples.


Work is already under way for the next release. The work I have been doing on variant graphs 
will be part of that release. 

The next bootcamp is planned for the end of September, beginning of October. 
Please let Joris and me know if you are interested in joining the next bootcamp.
If you are interested in hosting CollateX as a webservice please let me know.  
Thanks go out to all the participants of the bootcamp for their help in making this release possible.

Best regards,
Ronald Dekker

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