[sword-devel] Sword-Project- Localization Translation file format-something like that.

tom.t at aheart4seasia.org tom.t at aheart4seasia.org
Thu Jul 1 10:27:34 MST 2010

Dear Developers,

I am currently working with a national church in small South East Asia
country, and I have discussed with them about using the Sword-Project
Software for the pastors for the country. I personally am a fan of the

However I am having trouble finding instructions on how on the Developers
Wiki page, about how to find a file to translate the software to show the
local language instead of English, so that those who don't speak English can
use the software. And also could be used by others in other countries with
the same language. We are hoping that it could be translated. Any

They also want to get the local language bible into a module, Which I have
the instructions for that. But that will be done after the newest version
has been published. They have the rights to the publishing translation so it
isn't an issue. 

I apologize for being somewhat broad on the language group, because I work
in a closed country. 


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