[sword-devel] Solved for me - was : osis2mod bug

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Jan 27 10:54:14 MST 2010

> I have a module which appears to segfault at every single versification
> I throw at it. While it might well require its own versififcation
> eventually I am at the moment not even able to test it.

I have identified (and solved) the problem insofar as my module is concerned. The reason was a spurious quotation tag with a wrong type of ID inside my text, caused by usfm2osis.pl, transforming an equally spurious ^ in the original text.

The way I solved my problem was as follows:

1) I did not transform my whole module osis file in one go, but created an osis file for every single book. 

2) I used osis2mod in augment mode (whereby I highlighted another bug - but coming to that later) and added each osisfile until the crash stopped me.

I then used the most explicit debug setting:

osis2mod myprojectdir myosisfile.xml -a -d 1023

With this I managed to get close to the crash point and then looked simply through my text at taht point until i found the problem and what had caused it.

Deleting this one spurious tag made my problem go away.

Which leaves me with two concerns:

1) The augmentation mode is advertised as creating any necessary non existing files. It does not. Everything works if you simply touch create the necessary files. In my case, doing a not compressed module this was 

touch ot nt ot.vss nt.vss 

I guess this should be straight forward to fix. The error message is one of missing permissions.

2) I think the crash on a spurious and inappropriate tag is probably not ok. A more graceful exit and pinpointing the problematic thing might be a better behaviour. But I know now my problem and am happy as such.

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