[sword-devel] jsword/gsword backed Bible/devotion email Lists

Yiguang Hu yighu at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 21 12:09:22 MST 2010

I just switched the data provider to JSword/Gsword for the following One Year Through Bible email lists and Streams in the desert. Every one is welcome to sign up the free service.

(Chinese Version: http://bible.ccim.org/email/bibleemaillist_zh.htm)

To subscribe, simply email to the email below for the corresponding Bible version or Streams.

Chinese New Translation(big5):one-year-through-bible-nb5-subscribe at googlegroups.com
Chinese New Translation (GB): one-year-through-bible-ngb-subscribe at googlegroups.com
Chinese Union Version (GB):   one-year-through-bible-hgb-subscribe at googlegroups.com
Chinese Union Version (big5): one-year-through-bible-hb5-subscribe at googlegroups.com
Bible in Basic English:          one-year-through-bible-bbe-subscribe at googlegroups.com
King James Version:          one-year-through-bible-kjv-subscribe at googlegroups.com
Streams in Desert (Big5):     streams-in-the-desert-b5-subscribe at googlegroups.com
Streams in Desert (GB):       streams-in-the-desert-gb-subscribe at googlegroups.com

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