[sword-devel] Open Scriptures in relation to CrossWire (was Re: How to help Open Scriptures website development)

Weston Ruter westonruter at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 21:03:12 MST 2010

Hi Robert,
Excellent question. Open Scriptures certainly doesn't need to be distinct
from CrossWire, and our values and principles are very much in line with
each other. But our focus is different, as you observed with Open Siddur.
CrossWire/SWORD is focused on developing (primarily) desktop and mobile
applications that work with existing scriptural datasets. Open Scriptures is
focused on linking together existing scriptural datasets (Linked
Data/Semantic Web) and on developing a standardized API for developing web
applications based on this Linked Data. CrossWire focuses on Java and C++,
whereas Open Scriptures focuses on JavaScript, Ajax, REST, Django, etc.: we
focus on the Web technology stack. Nevertheless, we aren't focused on
building the next killer Bible web application, but rather we are focused on
making the development of such applications easy and more powerful then ever
before. We are seeking to serve developers, not the end-users of the
applications developed. CrossWire and Open Scriptures both rely on OSIS, but
Open Scriptures has the success of OSIS perhaps closer to our core focus.

Anyone at CrossWire agree with this assessment of how our respective
organizations compare? I'm eager to hear your perspective and to correct any
misunderstandings I may have about CrossWire.


2010/1/17 Robert Hunt <hunt.robertj at gmail.com>

> David Troidl wrote:
>> ....  On the resources page we could give short descriptions and URLs for
>> related projects, like CrossWire/SWORD, Osis Users, Open Siddur, etc.  That
>> way if people are looking for information, they could find it there, or we
>> could point them there.
> Can I ask Weston (and others) a question here, since I wasn't involved at
> the beginning: Why did you start OpenScriptures instead of just combining
> with / joining CrossWire/SWORD? I can see that Open Siddur has a specific
> focus, and OSIS is a standards group not a production effort, but I can't
> see clearly why we need both OpenScriptures and SWORD? How are they
> differentiated? Why does the world need both? (I'm still learning about
> both.)
> Thanks for helping me understand what's going on here,
> Robert.
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