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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Wed Jan 13 05:26:04 MST 2010

Hi Tommy ............
Sorry I misunderstood.  VS2005 is fine.  Would be nice if we could build 
it with the free VC++ Express 2008 .... but I haven't the time to look 
into that myself.  Your source is just fine and current.  You should 
start from Trunk - not an earlier revision.  I confirm that no one else 
has worked on SwordReader for about a year.

Tóth Tamás wrote:
> Is there any description of file formats sword use that I can use? I 
> would like to be sure that UTF-8 codeset is commonly used (not only my 
> hungarian translations) and I would like to convert some of my 
> favourite translations into sword format if it's possible (of course 
> it is surely possible, I mean if I can ;o)
When I was working on it, I found WinMo was very mixed (and not very 
good) in its handling of strings.  I was using WM 5.  If you are writing 
code specific to WM greater than 5, this needs to be specified, so we 
know what is the last revision that will work with WM5. 

The search function is not handled directly by the front end.  It is all 
dealt with by the Sword library that SwordReader links with.  The search 
string can (as far as I'm aware) be passed to the engine in any valid 
UTF-8 form, and the proper search will take place.  Questions about the 
engine need to be raised with the guys on Sword Devel list, as I am not 
knowledgeable enough to handle them. 

You will need to ask Troy Griffits for commit access to svn.  Until you 
are granted that, you will only be able to download.  I am very happy 
for you to be part of the team, and will try to help is I am able.

As for language formats for Sword modules, any format that you can 
encode in OSIS should work OK with the engine.  Crosswire is happy to 
receive OSIS files for any module you make, and provided you can show 
that we have copyright owner's permission, we will be happy to include 
it on the Crosswire site.

God bless,

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