[sword-devel] Nukleus MTK Real time OS

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Jan 7 06:21:14 MST 2010

Dear friends,

Some people both David Haslam and I have been in contact with have independently from each other advised us that various places we are interested in, are getting swamped by Chinese mobile phones which run the so called Nucleus MTK RTOS. This RTOS has no J2ME. So GoBible is not a possibility. 

Initially we thought it is impossible to get any info, or rather it seemed to be that  to get info you need to pay megabucks to get closer to info.

We found now this:


A SDK is there for download, unfortunately requiring Visual C SDK as background.

The RTOS is apparently POSIX compliant which makes me think it should/could be possible to have sword running in it. 

But neither of us two are the people who will ever figure this out. Is anyone here on the list interested in running with this or able to investigate it at least further?

We would be extremely grateful.

The phones themselves appear to be cheap(ish) ones available on Amazon.

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