[sword-devel] Osis2Mod - crashes in Hosea

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Jan 3 17:09:58 MST 2010

Chris Little wrote:
> On 1/3/2010 3:06 PM, Wolfgang Schultz wrote:
>> Hello Chris,
>> I don't know who uploaded
>> http://zefania-sharp.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/zefania-sharp/trunk/sf_menge/sf-menge-bibel_osis.xml?view=log&pathrev=82
>> and this Zefania site isn't mine, but i know Menge was died in 1939
>> and therfore there is no later edition from Menge and according to
>> german law the text is free fore everybody since 01.01.2010 and the
>> dbg have not to make any regulations about the future using of this
>> text from Menge.

That is true insofar as it concerns the text as such. The electronic
version of it remains under a separate copyright as soon as there was
any significant creative act involved.

If someone creates now from a printed copy a new electronic version you
would be on safer ground.

All that aside, Wolfgang, it is pretty clear that we will not use or
redistribute any modules which come from Zefania, so your effort to
create OSIS texts will likely go wasted.

If you have found useful material please show us the _original_ link and
we might do something with it.

We have found on too many occasions that Zefania modules are published
from dubious sources. Right now again, the sourceforge site contains
texts which are ripped off CrossWire, despite being under copyright, so
this does not endear your outfit to us.



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