[sword-devel] Bela module in CrossWire Experimental

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Thu Feb 25 14:56:34 MST 2010

On Thu, 25 Feb 2010, Matthew Talbert wrote:

> > It was that it downloaded v 1.0 of the module again, because I hadn't
> > clicked Refresh.
> >
> Oh, I didn't catch that part. I believe Karl has explained why it
> happens, and I would personally regard it as a bug in SWORD's install
> manager. The same thing would happen with any front end (unless they
> forcibly refresh before installing anything).
> Matthew

I agree with Matthew: I consider this as a bug. The right thing would be
to give both the module name and version number to the install manager
and return an error code if the module in the repo has different version

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