[sword-devel] Fwd: PocketSword: an iPhone Bible Study app

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Feb 17 08:52:56 MST 2010

Dear Todd,

It's good to hear from you.  I'm forwarding your email on to our 
developers' forum to make others aware of the issue.  Nic Carter has 
taken the lead on the PocketSword effort, with the original work done by 
Ian Wagner.  From your email, these are the questions I'd like us to answer.

1) PocketSword, being a SWORD frontend, already has the ability to 
decipher your encrypted modules for which Crossway sells unlock codes. 
Does PocketSword expose the ability for the user to enter a decipher code?

2) Does PocketSword display the About and Unlock information, which 
should include a link to your site where the unlock code can be 
purchased and obtained?

3) Might it be possible to detect the UserAgent from the iPhone browser, 
such that if/when PocketSword does display the unlock information to the 
user and they click to go to your unlock webpage, that you can display a 
unique page tuned for iPhone users?

4) Should we be more explicit somewhere about which versions of which 
NET modules go together and the differences between them?  Where is the 
best place for information?

Responses should be sent Reply All, as Todd and David are not (to my 
knowledge) subscribed to our developers' forum.  I'll push through any 
replies from them.


Todd Lingren wrote:
> Hey Troy it was good meeting you at ETS.
> Dave Austin sent me the link to the new Cross PocketSword app on the
> iPhone/iPod touch (I'm using the latter).
> First things first,
> I like the interface and all the sword references built in for
> download. It's well done.
> Secondly, I see that the NET is in there twice, one "limited notes"
> and one "text-free". I'm a little confused what the difference is. I
> don't see the fn markers on either one. is there supposed to be a
> footnote marker and footnotes? I found under commentaries the "net
> free notes" resource. There probably needs to be some sort of
> warning/notice when someone downloads the limited text or limited
> notes, that they need to download the other item.
> Regarding a premium, full notes version, is there planned to be an
> in-app purchase feature so someone can purchase the full notes? Or, if
> not, is there a way we could share/sell links to someone to offer it?
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> Subject: PocketSword: an iPhone Bible Study app
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> Cc: Brian Seagraves <bseagraves at bible.org>, Hampton Keathley
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> <joehead at gmail.com>
> http://crosswire.org/pocketsword/PocketSword/PocketSword/PocketSword.html
> todd can you test this and see if it gets both the free and premium netbible?
> if not email troy griffitts <troy at crosswire.org>
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