[sword-devel] Android Bishop

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Feb 15 16:39:40 MST 2010

Thanks, Troy for this!

I tried the ESV which works fine. None of the options though, unless I
missed how I can switch them on - apart from section headlines.

I also tried the Dari translation. Th etext is displayed RtoL which is
nice, apart from the font not working. Interestingly I did not get a
bunch of squares as I expected but simply gobbledigook, letters,
squares, numbers, punctuation, everything really thrown together.

Not sure if this can get resolved by packing in the application a couple
of fonts or even if the application can load a font from a font repo (I
think there is a possibility to have local resources for each app)

Next few days I will try and install the SDK and start to understand the


(HTC Hero. Android 1.5)

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