[sword-devel] Adding Dictionary / Glossary lookups to History

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 07:08:22 MST 2009

I just blogged about some FireBible development, related to an earlier 
question I had posted here way back in March. Thought I'd link to it 
here for some feedback before the next FireBible release.


I've currently moved on to adding commentary support to FireBible 0.9, 
hope I'm able to get it in.


P.S. I hope this appears as a response to my earlier post, for some 
reason I never get my own posts to the mailing list in my inbox, even 
though I have explicitly asked for "my own posts" to be sent to me as well.

Brian Fernandes wrote:
> The next version of FireBible will expose your reading history, see 
> http://thegoan.com/dump/fb-history.png for a quick preview.
> As FireBible is URI based, all the information required is already 
> being stored by Firefox in your regular browsing history, all I have 
> added now are a few queries which expose only sword related history in 
> a manner which hopes to be useful.
> For anyone interested, a simple bookmark with the location set to 
> "place:terms=bible://&OR&terms=sword://&sort=8&maxResults=20" will 
> give you the list you see in the screenshot. This is Firefox 3+ only, 
> I will be dropping support for Firefox 2 with this release as there is 
> too much work to maintain backward compatibility and it has a very few 
> users (5% on my website).
> Any comments on the history structure or suggestions on what lists 
> might be of better use are most welcome.
> Now for my question:
> Consider the "Last 40" list. This is a list of the last 40 sword 
> documents you have visited. Now, if I include dictionary or glossary 
> lookups in this list, I have a feeling it will soon take over the 
> entire list, pushing out other content like a Bible /  General books; 
> on the assumption that you may study around 10 chapters a day, but you 
> could easily look up at least 50 words in a dictionary on that same 
> day. Nist other lists like "Today" and "Yesterday" are not limited to 
> a fixed number of results and adding dictionary lookups to such lists 
> will make them large and more difficult to navigate through.
> Options I have thought of so far:
> a) Make this a preference; allow the user to choose whether he wants 
> Dictionary entries in the History or not.
> b) Add a new History list with the last 40 dictionary lookups. Remove 
> dictionary entries from all other lists.
> c) Add a new History list with the last 40 dictionary lookups. Do 
> *not* remove dictionary entries from unlimited lists like "Today", 
> "Yesterday" , "Two days ago", etc.
> I'm not really happy with any of these solutions. Anyone have 
> suggestions/alt ideas/comments? Am I wasting time on a problem nobody 
> really cares about - so what if the lists are full of dictionary 
> entries? Or are dictionary lookups not important enough to add to 
> history at all?
> In Him,
> Brian.

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