[sword-devel] [sword-support] cross-posting from sword-support

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Jun 17 00:14:45 MST 2009

Ouch. sorry. Not sure how this happened.

Not sure if Jonathan's suggestion would have stopped this. I was/am well
aware of that and must have been in a total dwam when I chose the reply

More care next time.


Chris Little wrote:
> I guess it bears repeating on occasion:
> Please do not cross-post mail from sword-support to sword-devel with any
> personally identifiable information from the original sender.
> Sword-devel is a publicly archived list, and individuals sending support
> requests do not expect their emails to us, email addresses, and names to
> be publicly posted to the internet.
> --Chris
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