[sword-devel] which engine sources to use

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Tue Jun 9 01:09:53 MST 2009

Manfred Bergmann wrote:

> Now that 1.6.0 is out I'd like to know what you propose to use as source.
> Until now I have sticked to the Subversion trunk HEAD but since new
> development is probably going on there this might not be the best idea
> to always have a stable version.
> Will there be a 1.6 branch that can be used where only bug fixes are
> applied to?

I'd love to see that (because it is IMO a good way to do things, and
also, more pragmatically, because it makes it easier for packagers to
pick up and apply useful bug fixes!).

However, the traditional SWORD approach seems to be that no-one among
the SWORD developers is able and willing to support a bug-fix-only
branch, so there is only one branch at any one time.

For Debian and Ubuntu, we packaged SWORD 1.6.0 plus a couple of osis2mod
bugfixes that were committed just after 1.6.0, plus our own "get rid of
all those nasty compiler warnings" patches that are not (yet?) in SWORD svn.

For now, I think people (like you and like me!) who want "SWORD 1.6.0 +
bugfixes" have to go through the svn commits since 1.6.0 and hand pick
what they want to use.


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