[sword-devel] BibleTime 2.0.1 released

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sat Jun 6 11:00:54 MST 2009

Martin Gruner wrote:

> A follow-up to BibleTime 2.0, it fixes three bugs:
> 	* Fix bug #2799800: Display broken when verse numbers are turned off
> 	* Fix defect, the main window icon was missing - defect # 2798758
> 	* Removed debug code writing a out.txt file in the current 
> 		directory without warning
> Packagers, please consider updating the packages for 2.0.

Two of those three fixes were already included in our BibleTime 2.0
pacakges (I grabbed the diffs from BibleTime svn, and our packaging
applies them as patches).  The BT 2.0 debian/changelog file includes:

  * Add debian/patches/01_main_window_icon.diff
    - upstream svn r1317.
  * Add debian/patches/02_remove_unwanted_debug_code.diff
    - upstream svn r1318.

The third issue, bug #2799800, was svn r1323 committed on 02 June 2009;
that is the same day I finalized the 2.0-1 packages... so it didn't make
the cut.

Being ahead of the curve on two out of three isn't bad, though :)

I'll create BT 2.0.1-1 packages, and upload to the team bzr repo and to
our PPAs; I don't plan to get these newer packages into Debian or Ubuntu
right away, I would prefer to let the 2.0-1 packages become more fully a
part of Debian (into testing) and Ubuntu (test using Karmic Alpha 2
which will include them) first.  So we're probably looking at a couple
of weeks delay before we try to get BibleTime 2.0.1-1 packages into the
distributions.  If anyone thinks that is a really bad idea, speak up :)


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